There’s usually a gap between emerging technologies and their application.

I help transform businesses with the application of creative technologies. 


Connecting with visionaries, policy makers and technology enthusiasts focused on our future with AI. 


20 years in the service of turning nascent ideas into action.

  •     Digital Product Design,
            Apps, Interactive Experience.

  •     Brand Aligned Visual Design +  
            Interaction Design Proficiency

  •     Research lead in design
            technology investigations

  •     Producer of creative applications,
            Physical Computing + XR solutions

  •      AI-Driven solutions
            Bleeding-edge technologies

  •      Thinker + Maker, self coder 
              Spatial, P5js.

  •      Clients include
             Coca-Cola, Ford, Christie’s,
             The Open University.

  •     Guest Lecturing
            NTU, Greenwich, Westminster

  •     Published: Designing Imperfection,
            Thames & Hudson

  •     Keynotes
           Design, Libraries, Glitch
           Creative Business

  •     Media
           BBC, Channel 5, Channel 4, Netflix
           Appearances, Digital Payoffs

  •     Writing & Critique.
           Academic, Business,
           Interaction Design.