Hello Internauts

I like to position my professional attention to the confluence of art, design, technology and culture and the interesting ways in which they collide to serve humans.

Over the past twenty years in the pursuit of that goal, I've been a student of design, interaction and behaviour, a researcher, an educator, an interaction designer, a creative director, a strategist and innovation director, working in small and large teams, with startups and multinational brands. The thread that bring all those roles together for me is design.

Good design is key to unlocking impact at scale and good design stems from appreciating our humanity, having empathy with users of our work, exploring and experimenting, collaborating effectively and with trust, being observant and importantly a commitment to growth outcomes and whatever that entails.

Where next
If you tick the boxes above, I reckon 1. we can work together, 2. we can fuel the most improbable outcomes and exceed expectations. Whether it's in writing a book, making engaging TV shows, delivering critical services, or even focussing on designing and improving digital products used by millions of users.